Base and Engine Packages

Please read the license statement of JStatCom before downloading it.

You can download the latest release of JStatCom from the

Project Download Page

The package structure is as follows:

  • jstatcom base (required) - Java only part of the framework
  • xxx engine (optional) - specific engine implementation, only needed when calls to the respective engine should be made, must be unpacked in the JStatCom base directory

There is always a source package available with the suffix _src. Download these packages if you need access to the sourcecode and want to compile it yourself. Otherwise it is not needed.

Binary packages contain the required files to run. The jstatcom package is in Java and runs on all Java enabled platforms. Engine platforms use native dlls and are therefore platform specific. Download the required packages for your operating system. If a specific platform is not supported, you might be able to compile/port it to that OS with the help of the _src packages.

SVN (Subversion)

The most recent snapshot of JStatCom is in the SVN repository.

Browse the SVN Repository

SVN is a popular version control system that is used to store the history of all changes made to the files under control. It is an essential tool for team development and represents the current state of the sources which might be different from the latest release.

API Docs, Architecture Documentation, Tutorials, Examples

The Architecture Documentation as well as detailed usage examples are available from the docs section.