Package com.jstatcom.component

GUI components with general functionality.


Interface Summary
Card Should be implemented by components that are used together with CardDisplayPanel and that should be informed when they are shown or hidden.
OutHolder Interface to be implemented by components that assemble text output.

Class Summary
AppSettings Holds user set properties.
AppSettingsDialog A dialog for setting user defined properties.
AutoEnableMenu This class provides a JMenu that gets enabled if at least one item belonging to it becomes enabled.
CardDisplayPanel An alternative to CardPanel that can be used in conjunction with CardPanelAction to display components on demand as well as to notify them when they are either shown or hidden.
CardPanel source: A simpler alternative to a JPanel with a CardLayout.
CardPanelAction An action for the task of showing a "card" component in a CardDisplayPanel.
CheckBoxList This class provides a special JList that renders its items as selectable JCheckBox components.
CompSettings This class contains some publicly accessible fields that specify settings for components used throughout JStatCom.
CompTest This is a set of tests for the com.jstatcom.component package.
IValTextField Performs input validation before input focus is permanently moved away to ensure that no action is carried out, before input has been checked.
JHelpAction This class provides an AbstractAction that is geared towards supporting the creation and display of JavaHelp sets.
JHelpContextMgr Manages the mapping between IDs for context sensitive help topics and the respective components.
JHelpContextMgr.ContextID Inner class for storing mappings as XML elements.
Log4jCustomAppender Custom appender for log4j logging.
LogFrame Frame that can be used as a log area for various kinds of messages.
MatrixBorder This border puts angular brackets [ ] around a component.
Module Represents a serializable module to be used with TopFrame.
MultiLineLabel Covenience label class that can display text with more than one line.
MultiLineLabelUI * Author: Zafir Anjum * * * Use multi-line text in a JLabel. * To enable multi-line in a JLabel we have to specify our own LabelUI * class that will render the multiple lines.
NumberFormatTypes The NumberFormatTypes class contains formatters that are used by JStatCom components to guarantee a consistent formatting behaviour.
NumRangeSelector This component allows to input a range specified by two komma separated numbers that is automatically checked according to an overall NumberRange object.
NumSelector This component allows for number input that is automatically checked according to a NumberRange object.
ResultField This class provides a convenient to use scrollable text field for presenting output in text form.
SplashScreen A SplashScreen for use when starting applications.
StdMessages Contains a collection of dialogs that could be used to standardize messages of different types throughout an application.
SymbolDisplay This text area displays the string value of a given data object defined by a symbol.
SystemOutHolder Simple implementation of the OutHolder interface that redirects output to in the append method.
TopFrame A configurable frame that can be used as a main frame for applications based on JStatCom.
TopFrame.XMLRep Holds the xml representation for all modules.
TopFrameAboutBox Dialog that shows about info, the license, and the splashscreen image.
TopFrameReference Class that simply holds a globally accessable reference to the top frame of the application.
TopFrameSettings Holds all settings of the TopFrame class that should be stored between application runs.
VarNameSelector This component allows to verify an input string against the rules for valid variable names throughout JStatCom.

Package com.jstatcom.component Description

GUI components with general functionality.