Package com.jstatcom.ts

Components and data types related to time series analysis.


Interface Summary
TSListAccessor Interface for classes that should have access to a TSList.

Class Summary
DefaultTSKeyListener A KeyListener that is especially designed to be used with the TSList.
DefaultTSListPopup A PopupMenu especially designed to work with the TSList component.
DefaultTSMouseListener A MouseListener that is especially designed to be used with the TSList.
Selection Represents a selection of the the TSSel component that is XML serializable.
TS This class pools information about a particular time series: name observations start date project Missing values at the beginning and the end are automatically truncated when the data is set.
TSActionTypes This class holds default actions used by the TSList.
TSCalcFrame Frame containing the TSCalculator.
TSCalculator A GUI that combines the TSCalculatorPanel with a TSSelector that builds a self contained panel for creating new time series by combining existing ones with arithmetic operations and functions.
TSDate Representation of a date for an observation of a time series.
TSDateRange Holds a range for possible TSDate objects defined as [lowerBound, upperBound] and provides checks against it.
TSDateRangeSelector Component for display and selection of a TSDateRange.
TSDateSelector Component for display and selection of a single TSDate.
TSDescDialog Dialog for entering a description for a project, before it is saved to a file.
TSDummyDialog A dialog for creating dummy variables.
TSEditDialog This component provides editing capabilities for selected time series in a TSList.
TSHolder Holds all available TS at runtime.
TSList Displays all available time series in a JList.
TSProject This class is in a preliminary state.
TSProjectData Implementation of ProjectData for the time series data type.
TSSel Configurable selection tool for time series.
TSTable This class provides a configurable table view of one or more time series with editing capabilities.
TSTableModel A table model to be used with the TSTable component for representing merged time series data.
TSTableScrollPane Scrollpane to work with TSTable components as viewports to provide row header with time and index.
TSTest This is a set of tests for the time series package.
TSTransDialog Dialog for specification of basic time series transformations.
TSTypes This class contains an enumeration of constants that define different types of time series.

Package com.jstatcom.ts Description

Components and data types related to time series analysis.