Package com.jstatcom.table

Special tables for some data types.


Interface Summary
NumberDisplayTable Interface for components that display numbers and that can be configured how the value should be printed.

Class Summary
BorderTable A subclass of JTables that respects the border set.
BorderTableBorder Most inner border for BorderTables.
JSCAbstractDataTable Abstract table to be subclassed by tables for data arrays, like JSCSArray and JSCNArray.
JSCAbstractTableModel A table model to be used with JSCAbstractDataTable instances.
JSCCellRendererTypes The class defines different JSCCellRenderers for the JSCAbstractDataTable, which can be used in different modeling contexts, for example to display coefficients matrizes or subset matrizes.
JSCDataTableScrollPane Special scrollpane to be used with data tables.
JSCMouseListenerTypes A MouseListener to be used with a JSCAbstractDataTable that reacts to mousePressed events and double clicks.
JSCNArrayTable JSCAbstractDataTable implementation for JSCNArray data objects.
JSCNArrayTableModel Implementation of JSCAbstractTableModel for JSCNArray data objects.
JSCPopupTypes The DataTablePopupTypes class defines different popups that can be used by data tables.
JSCSArrayTable JSCAbstractDataTable implementation for JSCSArray data objects.
JSCSArrayTableModel Implementation of JSCAbstractTableModel for JSCSArray data objects.

Package com.jstatcom.table Description

Special tables for some data types.